CM1 constantly processing and not updating

When I edit the html tags in rich text editor because it’s adding tags that are causing spacing issues and I go to save, my screen gets stuck in a never ending cycle of Processing. Please wait… how long do I need to wait for this? This continues to happen in Chrome and Firefox and has been spinning for about 20 minutes.


You’re right; it should not take that long to process. To clarify, you have been able to reproduce this hang-up more than once (in Chrome and Firefox)? If so, it’s always been with the same adjustments to the HTML – or does this happen with any adjustments to the HTML? Does your save go through as normal if you only make changes through the Rich Text editor, and don’t touch the HTML source?


I was able to recreate, twice removing the div and p tag around the logo image as seen in my screen shot, once removing the div tag on something else. I feel like its related to removing the outter div tag, the one that gets an automatic style. We adjusted through the assets page by only removing the p tag on a different machine and it worked just fine.

I does not seem to happen if I don’t remove the outter div tag.

And no, it never did update, I closed the browser to get rid of it.


If possible, could you send me a copy of the edited HTML that is failing to go through? Please go here:… and scroll down to the “Code” section for instructions on how to share HTML with us. I would like to look it over and test if for myself to see if I can identify what might be causing your hang-up.


I will work on recreating this issue later, i suppose it could also be my machine. I do not see where I should scroll down to the “Code” section for instructions however.

He is referring to pasting the HTML from the source view of the Rich Text widget into this page. You can use html to past the source of the Rich Text widget in here. If it is multiple lines, it might even be better to use &ltpre>html&lt/pre>

There is a Source Mode button on the bottom right of the Rich Text editor toolbar for you to copy the source to paste.

Yes, we were adjusting the styles in the source. I will do my best to recreate the problem tomorrow and upload the code. We found a work around for it today by simply not removing the outter div tag.

Heather, has your workaround of preserving the outer DIV proved to be an acceptable solution? If not, I will still be happy to look at your code. Let me know.

Actually, I think sometimes it’s just my browser getting hung up. As my co-worker did not have this problem. And after a fresh restart of the browser I couldn’t create the problem again. I am slowly learning what div tags are automatically added needed. Is this case because I was using a rich-text widget for my image so that we could make the image linkable, it was adding a p tag. Which when I went to recreate my problem (which I could not) the p tag easily was removed. The div tag however needs to stay. So I think it was just me. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear this has been all sorted out, Heather. Thanks for the update!