CM1 Auto List is automatically including articles not selected within Results Criteria

Hi Guys,

CM1 Auto list function is not publishing live the correctly.

We have setup to display specifically named templates listed;
Article-featured, Level 3 template and level-3-template-featured

However, it is displaying for some reason displaying the template named ‘article’ even though it was not a selected in the Results criteria section.

Notice how SCHOOL HOLIDAY STRENGTHENING article is being listed on the Travel info page.…

This should not be there.

Is this a bug that can be quickly rectified?



Hi Mike,

It looks like the SCHOOL HOLIDAY STRENGTHENING article page is using the Level 3 template. That could explain why that is showing up on your auto list.

Is there another page that is showing up that you can send me the URL to?

According to the Editor it is an ‘article’ template.

Tha page i was refering to is the SCHOOL HOLIDAY STRENGTHENING article locate at…

or in your finder window you should find this page at:

Is the “Summer holiday 8cars” page showing up on the auto list as well?

Sorry my bad… Something stranger happening… school-holiday-strengthening doesn’t exist any more… I think one of my colleagues have either changed the file name or deleted it. However it appearing on the live sites auto list.

I’ve tried searching for school-holiday-strengthening in the CM1 and not found it.

And No this file however is not showing in the auto list.

No biggie, it happens lol

If the page SCHOOL HOLIDAY STRENGTHENING is showing up on your live site but not in CM1 that means the page was deleted before it was archived or removed from site. when that happens the live site still has the page in it. We call these types of pages “Orphaned Content”

To remove this orphaned page from your live site you can run a full publish or a quicker way is to recreate a page with the same name in the same location , Publish the page, lastly “remove from site”. Then you can delete the site. Just FYI always archive/“remove from site” a live page before deleting it or it will still appear on your live server.

Are their any other pages that are showing on your auto-list that shouldn’t be?