CM System Patch for Version 7.3 build 201306R01 (Patch ID: 730_20140804)

The latest patch for version 7.3 is available and can be downloaded using the links below:

This patch contains fix for few issues related to TinyMCE. In addition this patch contains a fix for the RxFix tool in the admin tab such that it successfully removes the orphaned hierarchy nodes and move those under respective root node. More details are as under:

Changes In This Release

  • Fixed issue with publishing editions terminating abnormally.

  • Fixed issue with the browser window not loading when inserting inline template using content editor.

  • Fixed issue with renaming of a community in the workbench throwing an exception.

  • Fixed the issue where a unicode character would get converted to junk characters on an insert of inline template(title link).

  • RxFix tool has been updated to do a clean up of the orphaned workbench folder nodes.

  • Fixed issue with the TinyMCE control where the user was not able to move to next line after inserting an inline template.

  • Fixed the issue with the close button not working in a content editor / child table editor window that contains a TinyMCE control.

  • We are now supporting Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 for Rhythmyx.

Change List

R-01033 - Editions terminating abnormally post upgrade.
R-01018 - Rhythmyx 7.2/7.3 IE10 - Content browser loading issue in quirks mode.
R-01035 - 7.3 - Unable to rename a community via Workbench.
D-01722 - Decoding of unicode text while using this text as selected text for inline variant.
B-01648 - Update RxFix tool to clean up Orphaned hierarchy nodes with invalid parent id.
R-01045 - 7.3 - TinyMCE - Couldn’t edit the content further after inserting an inline template.
R-01046 - 7.3 - TinyMCE - Content editor close button doesn’t work after focus to TinyMCE control.
R-01015 - Support Windows Server 2012.
R-01017 - SQL Server 2012 Support.