Cloning items publishing problem

We have copied certain content items from one site and ‘pasted as link’ to another site that uses a different global template. We then created a new navtree and propogated navons throughout the new site, followed by assigning landing pages to each new navon etc.

This works fine until we publish the new version of the site. When we check the logs everything is publishing to the correct directory but the managed navigation is breaking by inserting /unknownpath/index.html for every link. Has anyone experienced something similar?

This can be caused by when you have slot relationships which contain the Site ID and Folder ID properties.

When you add an item to a slot, what relationship properties get added to the relationship depends on the Display Format used for the search. If the display format contains the folder id and site id, they will be attached to relationship.

When assembling slots, relationships which have a site ids in them become “cross site” links: they link to the content on the other site.

When you cloned the content items, you copied these relationships with the wrong site ids in them.

The only way to fix this from the front end is to remove the relationship and re-add it. You can of course, change the relationship properties tables in the backend, but this requires great skill and care.


Thanks for this, we’ll give it a try. Does this apply to inline templates as well? i.e. if we have inserted a rhythmyx template into an ephox field.

Yes, it applies to inline templates. The process of generating the URL is the same in both cases.

Ok, have tried this but still getting the same ‘unknownpath’ when we publish.

I removed the column ‘site_id’ in the display format and then reassigned as landing pages to new novons and any slot/inline/ links using the new search display format.

Have I missed something?

I know this thread is almost a year old, but did you resolve the problem?

We just adopted Rhythmyx and I have cloned a site. I figured out most of the rewiring I needed to do, but every page and asset in the entire site published under /unknownpath.

I’m not familiar with the term ‘slot’, so I’ll hit the manual to check up on that – but any other advice is welcome