Check Box Tree Issue


I’m currently implementing a check box tree. I have set up the application to get the data, the shared field that calls the application. All appears to be setup correctly and in the same manor as the other check box trees which are working correctly.

The tree doesn’t show when a content item is created or edited and just a blank space is shown.

What is the best way to analyse the issue and anythings that I should check?


I am assuming that you are using an XML application to retrieve your data. If that is the case, you can verify if the xml resource returns the data as expected by: open the xml application, request the properties of the xml resource, copy the url to clipboard, paste the url into a browser window, and verify that the data is returned as expected.
The second step would be to know how you are populating the choice of the control? Are you using the same xml application, keyword, retrieving directly from a table? When you load the content editor, you can view the source of the page, and look at the data returned for your checkbox tree field.