Changing themes rotating banner - slider on main page

I am having some trouble changing the rotating banner - slider on my websites main page. I see the assets used for the background pictures are actually in the theme uploads. I don’t see an option to add an asset at the theme level, so I manually added them to the folder on the server. Now what? I don’t see them in my theme folder. Will they appear upon restart (tried to restart Percussion, still don’t see them.) How do I get them to show up so I can use them?

I’m hoping to just change the wording and background image in the code to show my new offer and link to my new landing page. I just need to get the background to a useable point.

Hi John,

Because of our CMS’s decoupled nature, the CMS will have no awareness of images uploaded directly to the web server. What you’ll want to do is create new image assets through the Assets area in the Finder:…

Once you have your image assets in the system, you can reference them in one of two ways. If the content you’re working with is contained within a Rich Text widget, you can simply browse to the image using the Insert image button to the far right of the toolbar.

Alternately, if you’re referencing this image directly through your HTML code (in an HTML widget, or through the RT source view), what you’ll need to do is get the path to the image by highlighting the image asset in the Finder, and then copy out the path from the CMS address bar. For example:


Next, simply replace the old image path in your code with this path (keep an eye out for a property of perc-managed=“true” within the IMG tag, as this will overwrite any change’s to the image’s path).

I will manage these within my asset images library. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t supposed to be using the theme library. They must have just been placed their when LiveFirst sucked my site in. Thanks Nathaniel!

No problem, John. Let me know if you have any further questions or issues getting these new images in place.