Changing the page title and the link issue

  • Jan Doe created a navigation page called “Work Study” and saved it.
  • Jan Doe opened Financial Aids homepage and added a new text and linked it to “Work Study” page in Rich Text Editor widget and saved it.
  • Jan Doe realized she forgot to add “Federal” (Federal Work Study)
  • Jan Doe went back to Navigation page and renamed it to “Federal Work Study”
  • Jan Doe also had to update SEO page title (I reported this as a bug that it doesn’t update automatically [with screenshots]…)
  • Jan Doe opened Financial Aids homepage again and added “Federal” to it but noticed the link title does not update it (according to source code).

I think the link title(s) that is associated to “Federal Work Study” from other page such as Financial homepage and Sitemap should be update automatically whenever they renamed the page title. 

EDIT: I know it does fix if you re-link again in Rich Text Editor it but it is extra step.

Good Morning Aaron - I will take this one back to the team and see we can log it in JIRA. As always thank you for your active involvement in the Percussion community. Have a great weekend!!!

Thank you. Please let me know.