Changing state thru database update

We have large amount of data which is in DRAFT state. We need to put it in PUBLIC state. Other than thru API, is there any way we can update a database table and simply flip the flag from Draft to Public state?

This is not recommended if you ask Percussion TS and as always at you own risk,
but it is easy thing to do - run a SQL on CONTENTSTATUS table selecting the items you are looking to promote to Public state and set the CONTENTSTATEID to the STATEID referenced in STATES table for the particular workflow. So for instance set CONTENTSTATEID = 3 will place your items in Public state if STATEID 3 = Public
Again make sure you check stateid’s for each workflow as those will differ.

Also, try to limit your select queries to just a single WORKFLOWAPPID since the target state id may be different for content items in different workflows.

Have you guys tried to change state thru SQL update? If so, did you encounter any problem while using those items that were updated?


Yes. No problems encountered.
Again - it depends on the developer, some may turn the easiest and safest querie into disaster :slight_smile:
One thing I will suggest - do it in small batches, test on 10-20 items first, test and proceed with the rest.