Changing a site name in CM1

Hi, I need to change the name of a site in CM1, and it’s associated publish URL. How do I do that?

Hi Oliver,

To change your site’s name in CM1, move to the Navigation section of the UI, double-click on your site, and then select the blue wrench icon for the top navigation level (which will have your site’s name written above it). That will load up a menu through which you can change your site’s name as it appears in CM1.

By changing your site’s associated publishing URL, do you mean the root domain name that gets coded into your pages for DTS queries, or simply the name of the “{site_name}apps” folder that gets created when publishing from a publishing server definition set to “Use Percussion web server setup”?

I think I was just wondering about the “base URL” of the site. But it looks like that is just the same as the site name.

Will I need to do things to the DTS configuration at all?


Yes, all managed links assembled by CM1 will simply use a leading forward-slash to reference the server’s root directory, rather than any type of base domain name (e.g. “/” instead of “”). Queries made to your DTS server will reference the element in your CM1 delivery-servers.xml file (located at {cm1_root}\rxconfig\DeliveryServer) as your site’s base domain name, but changes to your site name in CM1 will not affect this.

I used this method yesterday to change a section (website) name, and I did a redirect on the server, in case the old site was bookmarked.

When I tested the redirect and the navigation - I found the pages from the old site still there and having the old name.

I’m not sure how to fix this. Does this mean the pages are still under this old url - and in the new one also?

Hi Debbie,

After renaming your section in Percussion, did you run a full site publish? Also, can you point me to the old and the new renamed sections on your live site so I can see exactly what you’re referring to? Thanks!

I ran the WCM pre-publish and then our full-publish to push to the two live servers (load balancers). The WCM is housed in a cluster.

The site was changed from student-programs… to:….

The top navigation on Leadership should be what is displaying on student programs page since it is the same exact header. I’m not sure why I’m seeing the old one.

Hi Debbie,

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you have two issues here:

  1. Existing links on some of your pages are still pointing to your navigation section’s old name

  2. Your section with the original name still is present on your web server, leading to duplicate content

Is this accurate? If so, for your first issue, I would use the Pages By Status gadget to ensure that all pages that are linking to this renamed section are in either the Pending or Live workflow state, and then run a full site publish. Once that’s fixed up, we can look into your options to remove the orphaned content on your web server.

I corrected the navigation to point to the new name, and I typed in the old link to check to ensure the pages flipped over before I put in the redirect.

The Server Administrator has not yet ran in the fix for the gadget, so it is still non-functional

I’ll click through the items and see what work flow they are in. Thank you for this suggestion.


Okay, keep me posted on your progress here. Again, once all of your pages pointing to this section have been approved and republished and the links have all been corrected, we’ll look into possible ways to remove this old content from your server.

We had a reorganization in a division and I had to do this again. The old site content is still there.

I did a full publish and not sure why they are not taking. I even ensure I clicked on each page within the site and approved/published it again.

Do I need to publish the very main page of the website (in the root) - in order for this to be considered a full publish?

Hi Debbie,

Are links from your other pages still pointing to the old content? Or is the issue simply that you have orphaned content on your server (that no pages are linking to, but you want to clean out)?

I’ll give you an example.

The site was named SiteA and then renamed SiteB with sites C, D and E pulled under them (using the Navigation area), and these used to live under SiteF.

Except, while they are in their new locations, they are also still in their old locations.

Sure, I understand that. I was just wondering if links to this renamed section on pages entirely outside of this renamed section still point to your old section name, or if they correctly point to the new section name? Thanks!

Good question.

Even though I recoded the navigation (it is in html and not using managed links yet) - it is pointing to the old site.

So I can enter in the old link manually and navigate through the old site in completion.

Since I know I relinked everything, and recoded the navigation, it should not be doing this.

So your updated navigation is contained within an HTML widget, is that correct? If so, please be sure that this HTML asset has been approved and is in the Pending workflow state, and then republish all of the pages that use this asset (or, ensure that all of these pages are approved, and then run a full site publish).

Again, I think it makes the most sense to ensure that all components of your site have been updated to reference this new section name, before we look into why your old section folders and files are still sitting out on your server (this may have something to do with the replication process you have in place to move content from QA to Prod).

Sorry I was on vacation.

I had four sites (departments) that were moved into under a new site (division). These also are published, the assets approved, but yet if you go to the old website web address, the site is still there.

What did I do incorrectly? I thought all I needed to do was create a new site (section), drag the existing ones under this new section and then relink the top navigation.

We have the WCM in a cluster and then to live servers pulling data off of it - at midnight and publishing live. I do a pre-publish at 5:00 p.m. and there is a script that runs at midnight to do the rest.


So I take it you’re publishing directly to a staging server, and then at midnight a script runs that copies your site from your staging server to your live server, correct? Can you access your site’s content directly on the staging server through a browser? If so, can you tell me if your old folders and files from your relocated sections still exist on your staging server, like they do on your live server? I ask, because I wonder if there’s any chance that this script that copies your content from staging to live is failing to also remove content from your live server that Percussion has deleted from your staging server.

I have a redirect in place now - but I did try this and no, the pages within the WCM were moved and the files and pages were not found.

Only recently did I have the need to move sites, due to changes in organizational chart. Eight sites total were moved and all had these same issues.


To clarify, when you say that the pages within the WCMS were not found, were you accessing the pages in Preview mode through Percussion itself, or do you have a unique hostname that you use to access your site when it’s published to your staging server?

If it’s the former, unfortunately this doesn’t help us too much in rooting out the cause of this problem. If it’s the later, then this does indicate that the custom replication script you’re running is failing to remove content from your live production server that has already been deleted from your staging server by Percussion (the only server our application has direct control over).

At any rate, assuming that all of the redirects are in place and that all of your content in Percussion has correctly been relinked to reflect these new section names, you could always request that your server admins manually delete these outdated folders and files from your live server, just for the sake of cleanliness.