Cannot Override User ""

Need to make an edit to a section on our site but I can’t override the user “Whomustnotbenamed” supposedly. Any way I can open this up? I’m an admin.


I just had the same thing come up.  Percussion will have to setup a conference call with you to resolve this issue.

When I had this happen, a user had copied the web address from the preview and used it as a link within their web page.

I did the following:

  • I opened the design (template) this page was attached to

  • I unsnapped the Rich Text Widget which held that content

  • Then I was able to gain access to the page, pull the widget back down into place (it will be in the Unused Assets > top left) and then I was able to edit the link.

Hmm. So what do you mean by “unsnapped”?

Do you have one design/template for each site?  

(I have 1-2 designs/templates per website, and so if I go to the design and unsnap (X) one of the rich text widgets, the matching (local) content on the web page will also unsnap, and be found under the Unused Assets - when you go to edit the page).

But if you are not familiar with this, you probably want to heed Josh’s advice and contact support. I did the first time this happened.

This template applies to about 36 pages. I tried “unsnapping” the section and then re-adding the unused template for that page but it still says it’s in use, only for that page.

Now I need to re-add the unused assets on the other pages…

I think I’ll just wait until they contact me haha.

As I say that, I just checked again and was able to edit it! Thanks for your help!

I keep a “Troubleshooting Log” for odd quirky things such as this and looked it up when I saw your problem. :slight_smile: