Can users upload .pdf or wrod doc using a widget?

Is there a widget that will allow users to upload resumes (.pdf or Word Doc) and emailed to me, that I can embed on my website?

Hi Julie,

There is not currently such a widget. I could see this being a useful tool for CM1 customers, so I would recommend sharing this as an “Idea” topic on here, so other customers can lend their support and so that the idea will be on Product Management’s radar.

For now, there are third party tools that do this, some of which I’m sure you could embed on your site using an HTML widget. However, I have not had any experience working with such tools myself.


I do not see an option where you can have the ability to upload the file (PDF, etc.) via online form? Also, would be nice to have the ability to choose which file format like PDF or JPG, etc. and possibly built-in virus scanner too? Thanks!

Anyone? :slight_smile:

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your input, these capabilities are not currently present in our forms widget. I will convert this question into an idea so that it can be potentially considered as an enhancement to our forms widget.


No problem Jon. Please do keep me posted. Thank you!