Can assets be exported en masse from Percussion onto my computer?

Is there a way to export all of the files we have stored on Percussion in an efficient way?


Good evening, yes there is a couple of different ways. Within the UI of Percussion, you can manually download individual files using the “Finder Tool” at the top of Percussion CMS. You can manually download any files/assets that are located in the “Design Folder”.

What I would suggest if you wanted to download things in bulk, may be to use a program like WinSCP (, or CyberDuck ( if you have a mac.

From there you can FTP (File Transfer Protocol) into your Percussion Server, and retrieve the files from a particular folder, or the entire file tree.

For more information on using FTP, and WinSCP I would recommend taking a look at: (…)

Let me know if this answers your question, or if you could explain more into your specific use case, we may be able to think of another alternative as well. Have a great night :slight_smile:



Thanks for the help. Bulk methods will be the way to go because of the amount of files I’m trying to move. I’ve downloaded WinSCP and following the walk through but can’t get it to log into the site. It keeps saying ‘Access Denied’, the password it’s asking for is my own personal log-in password right?


What is the file path to Assets folder? Is it named differently in FTP? I see many folders (such as web_resources) and files but not Assets? Thanks!

Sorry I wasn’t clear on that before.

I can easily grab it off “post-publish” but what about “pre-publish” assets? I have access to both places.