Calendar tool in PressRelease content type

Hey all,

I have a Calendar control on a content type. I thought it was just a date as indicated, but looking directly at the query with the Rx Query Debugger, I see that there is time associated with it too (all entries simply have 00:00:00 in it).

Anyone know of a way to start including the time in this entry too? Our problem is that we’ve discovered on days where we have multiple press releases, depending on when a PR content item was created, we might have a PR from the morning appear before one in the afternoon because we’re sorting on the date in the calendar control. So, I’m hoping to add a time to assist in sorting.

Thanks all :slight_smile:



Make sure the field’s data type is set to “datetime”. Once you’re in the content editor form, you can select a date from the control and enter the time after the date has been selected in the “HH:MM:SS” format.

I hope this helps.