Calendar not showing all of the sudden

I’ve gone through and removed the widget and republished the page and then added the widget back and publish. Calendar still will not show. I checked the template for my calendar and nothing has changed on the template itself.

I just refreshed my Calendar page with Firebug enabled and I get the following error. I noticed that it references what shows the calendar.

 TypeError: jQuery.deparam is undefined 

 var urlParams = jQuery.deparam.querystring(); 
<script type="text/javascript"> <br /> var urlParams = jQuery.deparam.querystring(); <br /> var calDefView = urlParams.startDate?'agendaDay':'month'; <br /> jQuery("#perc-full-calendar-16777215-101-2889").fullCalendar({
<br />


Good morning, I was assigned your support ticket in our system. I am going to use that medium, since this is a specific use case. You will receive an email from me shortly.


Tracked down my issue. Foundation was injecting a second version of jQuery hidden in their foundation.min.js file. Removed it and now my calendar works perfectly.