Calendar not displaying properly

On this page of my site…

in chrome and IE the calendar displays Sat as way wider then any other day when it first loads. All other colum widths are 18px, and sat is 412px. If you re-size the page at all it corrects its self. And in Firefox its fine.

So I think whatever Superfish js function determines and cacluates the widths is messed up, or getting interrupted or something.

I can’t just write a css class to fix it because then it won’t be really responsive, and the blue event boxes still remain messed up even if I fix the column widths. So weird only happening on this page.

I have tried removing all classes I had on the parent div, and it still behaves the same.

Anyone know how I could find out what js function to call that resets the table colum widths? Or where I could go to find those functions? I feel like if I can just re-run that function it will fix its self.

Found this feels close but I can’t figure out how to leverage it properly.…

found this too…

But I don’t quite understand jquery syntax enough to know how to edit this.??? Going crazy