Breadcrumb Help

We are required to have breadcrumbs on all of our pages. The issue I’m running into is the breadcrumb widget doesn’t work unless all 4,000 pages are in the Percussion navigation.

Can anyone at Percussion tell me how I can still add breadcrumbs?


Great question… My first question would be of where all these 4000 pages are living now? Are they being managed in Percussion right now, or are all of these referenced from an external site?

If they are living internally in Percussion the “best practice” would indicate using a folder structure, and creating a folder architecture for your pages to live in. We have some new tools that will help you with this process. In version 3.4 we built in the ability to convert a folder to a section and visa versa (basically helping speeding up the process of creating navigation). So this might help as you create the folder structure for them.

Our navigation/breadcrumbs all rely on your adoption of our navigation.

If you elected not to use that, another option (outside of Percussion) would be to create some sort of JavaScript function, that looks at the location of the page, and parses the url, breaking out the different urls into an ordered list.


Thanks Chris. It looks like I will have to rely on javascript to do this then. It would be nice if the breadcrumb widget did not solely rely on navigation widget. Not every page that we have needs to be part of our “main” navigation but they still are required to have a breadcrumb. Would be nice if the navigation was setup more like Wordpress.