Blog list fails to auto-adjust for page length


I’m having an issue that’s probably CSS related but can’t figure out! On the blog that I just launched, I cannot get the page to adjust to the different lengths when paged through the different pages. For example, here’s the page I’m talking about… and when I go to page 4, the bottom of the blog list gets cut off and can no longer page through! I’ve looked at the CSS in Percussion, there are no FIXED lengths. It appears as though it is only long enough for the first page and doesn’t adjust for every page. Can you help?

Thank you!

Hey Sarah,

Good to hear from you (and great job with the blog by the way).

I went through and looked at the blog pages, I believe the issue is coming from “isotope” and the css that is being generated at the time of the page load. If you inspect the page when its rendered and look at the you will see that a fixed height is added to it. I went and increased the height of the #main div, and saw that Percussion has done its job and provided the content correctly.

From a standpoint of fixing it, I would suggest taking a look at how “isotope” was implemented and see if you can correct what/how the css is being dynamically generated. I believe this information is located within your “main.js” file.

As a temporary fix, (which wouldn’t be a best practice) would be to add a fixed height to the #main div of 3985px… I don’t recommend that since, as summaries grow/change, you may have this issue again, but at least it would be something temporary until isotope was fixed/re-implemented.

Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking into this Chris! Yes, we’ve had trouble before with this stubborn “isotope” code… grrr. Thanks for the suggestions!! Much appreciated.