Blog Gadget Not Listing Blogs

Here’s my problem:

  • I create a blog using the Blog Gadget.
  • I choose my pre-configured Blog List Template and Blog Post Template
  • The Blog is created (new navigation folder with landing page of the correct template).
  • The gadget updates to show the posts from the blog (none). I can then add a post. It works perfectly, previews correctly and so on.
  • I then click the “< All Blogs” link in the gadget, and I get: “No blogs Found”.

What’s going wrong? (I have tried restarting CM1)

Supplementary question: where are Blog Index definitions stored in the CM1 database? Given that the BlogIndex is a widget with preferences, I am surprised that there is no associated CT_BLOGINDEX database table!



Saw this post and realized it went unanswered. This issue was resolved with the release of 2.13. Since you have upgraded to that version already, can you confirm this problem was resolved for you?


We are using 3.4.4 and still having this problem. Any idea?