Binding scope within Inline Variants

I have a question about the scope of a binding within an inline variant. My understanding about regular snippet templates, is that bindings created in the page template are made available to the global template, as well as the snippet templates. However, when it comes to inline variants, that rule does not seem to hold, and furthermore, it’s pretty difficult to debug an inline variant, because I can’t call it directly. If I did, the binding that gets set in the page template would not exist. To complicate matters even more, I’m using a dispatch template for the inline variant.

Has anyone out there had experience with bindings for inline variants, or dispatch templates for inline variants? The two simplest solutions for me would be:
a) from within the inline variant if I could detect which PAGE template had been used to call the inline variant, I could dispatch on that, and would not need the binding.
b) if I could set a binding in the page template that could be seen by the dispatch template, I could dispatch based on the binding.

NOTE: in this particular case, I am publishing one site using a global template, and the other without a global template, this may affect how the bindings get passed around, but I’m not sure.