Binary Slot Publish

I am having trouble finding out why the following occurs during our publishing cycles.

I have a full page content type with a right slot that can contain images and is manually managed.

Full Page - Slot Code

#set($pageSpace = "")##
#initslot("erauLandingImage" "")##
#if($sys.currentslot.relresults.size() > 0)##
    #set($pageSpace = "margin-top: -53px")##
div class="secondary_content" style="$pageSpace">
#slot("erauLandingImage" "" "" "" "" "")##

All images are approved through one workflow and are independent of the full page content item workflow that contains them within the slot (mentioned above). When an image is linked to the slot and in “Draft” state, everything works correctly as the full page content item flows to “Public”. However, when the full page content item is “Public” AND the image is linked to the slot AND the image is in a “review” state, the image is either displayed as a huge white space or as the unapproved image.

Here is a time line of events:
[li]10:15 - Image submitted for approval (in “Review” state, not “Public”) and linked to slot. Full page content item moved to public.[/li][li]10:20 - Incremental publish triggered, no effect on the external page.[/li][li]10:30 - Incremental publish, page has whitespace where the image would appear.[/li][li]10:40 - Incremental publish, no change, white space still on page.[/li][li]10:50 - Incremental publish, no change, white space still on page.[/li][li]11:00 - Full publish triggered, no change to page.[/li][li]11:10 - Incremental publish, page now has replaced white space with the full image.[/li][/ol]

Image Workflow States
[li]Draft - Publishable: Unpublish[/li][li]Edit - Publishable: Ignore[/li][li]Review - Publishable: Ignore[/li][li]Pending - Publishable: Ignore[/li][li]Public - Publishable: Publish[/li][li]Quick Edit - Publishable: Ignore[/li][li]Archive - Publishable: Archive[/li][/ol]

Publishing Attributes
[li]Non-Binary Content List - Does not contain image content type, item filter: public[/li][li]Binary Content List - Does contain image content type, item filter: public[/li][li]Full Site Edition - uses the binary, non-binary, and unpublish content lists.[/li][li]Incremental Site Edition - uses non-binary and unpublish content lists.[/li][li]Full publish run every hour[/li][li]Incremental publish run every ten minutes[/li][/ul]

It looks like everything is set up correctly to me but obviously something is not right since unapproved images are being published. I am not exactly sure if transition workflow actions would be a factor in this puzzle or not (I am not sure when to use them) but as far as I can tell they are set up like the rffStandard workflow implements them.

Does anyone have any other ideas or places to start looking?


One thing I see that could be causing problems is that you’ve set the Publishable value for the States between Draft and Public to Ignore. Best practice is to use Ignore only for the Quick Edit State, and use Unpublish for any State prior to Public.

The value Ignore tells the system to publish the Last Public Revision of the Content Item. You typically don’t want to do that in pre-Public States; rather, you want to do that in Quick Edit.

I suspect based on your report of the behavior that the Content Item that is causing you problems has been Public, but has been pushed back to an earlier State in the Workflow.

Try changing the Publishable value of the Edit, Review, and Pending States to Unpublish and see if that resolves the problem.