Binaries not Publishing

Hi again,

When I run my Publishing Edition for my site all non-binary files publish (FTP) fine but not the binaries. For this test site I have a Word doc and a jpeg image. I have them linked in a Generic file using the Ephox Inline Link and Inline Image functions.

In preview I can see both binary files as expected.

They are in the Public Workflow state and the content types have been added to the JSR query of the full binary content list.

When I preview my full binary content list I get the following XML:
<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8” ?>
<contentlist context=“1” deliverytype=“ftp” />

When publishing, the server console shows it is processing the full binary content list, but there are 0 items.

Any ideas why my full binary content list isn’t grabbing my binaries?

Thanks much. :slight_smile:

Perhaps there is a typo in the content list query? Copy your query and see if it returns anything here:

Sorry, my tags were stripped. Should’ve said:

After you try the Query tester, the next thing to look at is the item filter. Is this an “Incremental” content list? if so, are the items newer than the records in RXSITEITEMS?

Ok, I gave the tester a spin and it returned:
rx:sys_contentid rx:sys_folderid
717 729
718 727

I searched for items 717 and 718 and they are indeed my binaries.

The content list is Normal.

I’m at a loss. :frowning:

Now what’s in the “Item Filter” selection (at the bottom the content list page).

Item filter is public.

Is this an incremental edition? If so, you need to check if the items are actually newer than the corresponding entries in the RXSITEITEMS table.

The Edition I am running is my Full edition. It is a copy of the CI Full edition. I looked in the RXSITEITEMS table and the CONTENTID field does not contain items 717 and 718.

Which “Template Expander” does your content list use?

If it’s the “SiteTemplateExpander”, check your Binary Templates:

  1. on the General tab is the “Publish When” set to Default or Always? (Templates marked Never don’t publish)
  2. on the Sites tab, is your current site in the “Visible” column or the “Hidden” column? (Templates don’t publish on sites where they are hidden)

If it’s the “ListTemplateExpander”, check that your templates in the list and that the name (NOT the label) is spelled correctly.

(if the SiteTemplateExpander is not working for you, try temporarily switching to the ListTemplateExpander and see if that’s any different).

Do you have a Location Scheme for these templates? If there’s no location, the items get suppressed, although I believe that there are some messages in the log and comments in the Content List preview when this happens.


Site Visibility was the issue. The site publishes perfectly now…great place to leave the project for the long weekend!

Thanks very much! :smiley: