Best way to create a relationship via pick list

Hi there,

I’m looking for recommendations on the cleanest way to create a relationship between two content items (products and industries), using a checkbox list.

Originally I set up the relationship using a sys_RelationshipContentFinder slot, and that was all there was to it. But it turns out our internal customer really wants to be able to just use checkboxes for products and industries. They don’t want to have to take the steps of doing the content search for this particular relationship.

So now I have the industries in a lookup table, and I generate the checkboxes from that, and have replaced the sys_RelationshipContentFinder with an auto slot. But I need to keep the industries around as a content items as well, since I use them to generate index pages. So now I have the same industries in two different places: in the Rhythmyx repository tables as content items, and in my own lookup table. I’m not so crazy about that.

Is there a better way?