AutoIndex - Incremental publishing


Since we upgraded to 6.5, our auto index pages (approx half a dozen pages) do not publish out on an incremental publish.

The content type list is set to incremental, the content type is included in the jcr query and allegedly auto index content gets published out with an incremental…but it refuses to do so. The auto index page variant in question is set to publsih when always.

As a workaround I can force them to publish by doing a separate list just for auto index content using a normal content list type, but it would be good to get this working as expected.

Any ideas?


You can test content list generation so that it shows you what items will be included. We’re on 6.7, and in that interface we go to the edition (in the pub tab), then the associated content lists are also on that page. There’s a small preview icon next to each. I don’t recall what the interface looks like in 6.5. However, if you can track down the content list preview, are your auto-indexers included in that preview?

Since it sounds like you’re coming from 5.7 to 6.5, I suppose there’s a chance you’re using the legacy content list generator, in which case, Tech Support may be your best option.