Auto Master Calendar


I have about 10 different calendars running in cm1. I was wondering if there is a way to auto generate a master calendar? So one calendar that will show all events from all my other calendars combind?

I realise I could create another calendar and then go to each event and add it to the master calendar from the meta data area. I was just wondering if cm1 could automate this at all? As I will have different people manging each calendar, I don’t know if I can count on them to apply thier event page to the correct calendars or hit the add to Master Calendar check box.

If not that’s Ok just thought I would ask.


Hi Sandy,

Unfortunately you are correct, CM1 will not automate this kind of functionality. However, I strongly suggest you post this as an idea to to the community. We are actively looking for feedback on the calendar widget as of late. I believe this could be a good post.



Hey Ben, Any update to Calendar functionality? I need to implement about 10 calendars - and combine into a master calendar.

Hi Kathy,

As of now the Calendar functionality is the same. For now you will have to manually add events to the master calendar in your system.

OK, thank you Armani. I have actually found a third-party calendar that I can iframe into my site that will give us all the functionality we need at a great price and it has it’s own mobile app so users can add us to their on chosen mobile calendars. I appreciate you looking into this for me though, my first-choice would have been to stay within CM1.