auto downsize images

Dear Percussion,

I would really like to see Percussion come up with a way to mange huge images automatically more like social media sites do.

Here is my problem. Of my users only 1% have access to and image editing program like photoshop, of that 1% only a few of them know how to use it successfully to scale down images.

My media coordinators and other contributors are used to working with social sites like facebook and twitter where you can take a high res image with your phone and directly upload it to the social site without having to do any image editing to decrease the files size. The software just auto manages it so people’s timelines etc… still load fast.

This is becoming the expected norm for web applications. So to ask them and training them that they have to go into photoshop and do a save for web before they upload that image to the website, to go with their news story, seems very old school. Most of them simply won’t do it because at least the responsive design is handling the page layout.

I have pages that are loading so slowly due to these huge images being used on my live site. It takes forever to open the page inside cm1 as well because of the huge images. I also have 100 users and I can’t manage all their images for them. I simply can’t keep up coming behind them and cleaning these up all the time.

I don’t know the tech that social sites use. I realize Facebook has way more money and resources, but I’m pretty sure even WordPress has a way of handling this problem of image file sizes.

Are there plans in the future to help manage this issue within cm1?

Following - great point, Sandy!