Authorization problem

One of our users is experiencing the following error when trying to load previews of her content items:

User ‘lapayne’ is not authorized to perform the requested action(s).

I’ve checked and she’s in Roles which are in the Community for these items. And the Content Type and XSL Variants are all visible to her Community.

I’m at a loss here and was wondering if there was anything I might have overlooked.

In addition to the community, the user must be in one or more workflow roles for the item’s workflow.

Normally, the interface won’t give you menu items you don’t have access too.

What is the user trying to do when the error occurs?

I checked that too… she’s in a workflow role that has assignee rights to the item. She’s trying to Preview the item.

That’s very strange. I’ve never seen an authorization failure on a Preview before. Previews are not sensitive to user roles: if you can see the item you in the Content Explorer, you should be able to preview it.

Does this same item work for other users? If so, you need to figure out what’s different about this user.


Has your admin perhaps changed the security ACL on Workbench > XML Applications > rxs_cxSupport, denying run-time access to Default? Since the preview action menu uses a command that calls rxs_cxSupport, that might be the culprit.

We once had a similar issue after applying a patch where one of our XML applications was denying access, and we had to remove the access and add it back.

Since you are using XSL Variants, you should also check the security ACL on the XML application used to render the variant(s) in question.

The user may somehow not have rights to use the query resource that assembles the item for preview.