Assign field values for multiple items without opening the editor?

One of our content editors has asked about whether it’s possible to do an assignment of one field value to another field, or an assignment of a static value to a field, on a group of content items, without going into each item individually through the Content Editor. The idea would be that within the Content Explorer, you select a set of items, and run some code that will, for each selected item, assign the value of fieldA to fieldB, or assign the value “foo” to fieldB.

Can anyone advise on how to do this? I assume there must be a way to create a piece of code to do this assignment, and then hook that code into a menu choice that can then be made available for that content type. Given that I’m relatively new to Rhythmyx, I don’t know how/where to start…

Our current implementation is 5.7, but we’re moving to 6.5, so it would be good to know how to do this on BOTH platforms.

Thanks for any and all suggestions,


Yes, it’s possible, but not especially easy.

You can write a program and attach it to a “menu action”. This is somewhat easier to do in Rhythmyx 6.x than it was in Rhythmyx 5.x. The process (for 6.x) is described (in general terms) in the “API Recommendations” document (see ).

Under the covers, you will be reading / editing / saving and then releasing each item in turn.

I suggest you read through the document and then come back and ask specific questions as responses in this thread.

I hope this helps


Thanks, Dave. I suspected that would be the answer. I will take a look at the documentation and come back when I have more questions (and I’m sure I will!).