Asset Won't Publish ... remains Pending

I have a Rich-Text Asset I updated and approved. It is now in Pending mode. No matter how many times I “publish” it stays at pending and will not go Live. Any idea how to force this update to publish?

Hi Laura,

Try publishing the page in which the asset lives on or do a full publish this will help push the asset live.

Please let me know if this helps.



Is this asset attached to a particular page? You can’t directly publish Rich-Text assets, but if the asset is Approved (and in the Pending workflow state), you can add it to a page containing a Rich-Text widget, and once you Approve and publish this page, both the page and the asset should switch to the Live workflow state.

Let me know if this is what you’re doing, and the asset is still not appearing on the published page.

If I publish an asset (say a HTML piece for the main page), do I have to also publish the main page?


There’s actually no mechanism to individually publish text-based assets (Rich-Text, HTML, etc.) because that content needs to be assembled into the containing page’s HTML. Therefore, to have changes to a text-based asset reflect on its containing page, the page itself must be published.

However, file-based assets (Image, File, etc.) can be published individually because they exist as standalone files independent of your page’s HTML.

This asset is a secondary (sidebar) navigation system, so it is part of a template, of which many pages using that template are published.

I did try doing multiple full publishes. In the logs there is no indication that the asset file has been published (but that make sense based on what NathanielW is saying).

Not sure what else to try!


Is the main issue here a publishing issue then, in that you’ve made changes to this asset that you’re not seeing reflected on your pages when you publish out pages which use this template? If so, can you outline the types of changes you have made to this asset that aren’t being picked up on your live site?

Alternately, is the content being pushed out as expected, but the asset is simply not changing workflow states? I just want to clarify whether this is a publishing or a workflow issue. Thanks!

The asset is basically a snippet of html - nested unordered lists. I only made a change to one hyperlink. That change is not reflected after a full publish. So yes, a publishing issue; not a workflow issue.


Thanks for clarifying that. Because the asset is only contained on the template level, its workflow status won’t be pushed to live by publishing a page using that template, so I wanted be sure of the behavior.

Now, can you tell me if the link you modified is a managed link (created through the “Insert / edit link” toolbar option) or a manually entered anchor tag? If it’s a managed link, one test you should try is removing the link entirely (click on the link in the editor and select the Unlick toolbar option) and then recreate it the link. Also, be sure that the page you are linking to is either Live or Pending, otherwise the link won’t become active when published.

In either case, also be sure you both save as well as Approve the asset when you are done with it.

Lastly, after publishing be sure to clear your browser cache before viewing the published pages to ensure you’re not viewing outdated content. Let me know if any of this helps.

We are talking about a managed link. I am linking to another asset, a PDF. I’ve verified that *it* is live by browsing to it.

So I did the link and unlink thing and now it’s working. Yay! Maybe I didn’t previously Save before Approving (I didn’t know you had to do that). I know I had cleared the cache previously.

So I’m not sure 100% what did the trick, but it is working now.

Thank you, Nathaniel