Asset status pending and never changes

I have assets where the status never goes from pending to live no matter how many times any type of publish has been done. Two in particular are my header and footer. Today, I have tried adding an html widget into assets, and it also never goes form pending to live. Everything else I’ve looked at in the Assets structure has a status of live.
Why is this?

I’ve also noticed recently that if I upload any files/images and select the “approve asset” in the bulk uploaded that the files are never marked as published after they have been added to a page and then that page is published.

Lloyd was this ever resolved for you? I have a page that after a user edited it, it will not go Live. It is perpetually stuck in Pending I think.

No Scott. I still have assets, particularly my header and footer that have never gone from pending to live. My changes display.

Hello Scott,

There have been some issues with Assets that are unrelated to Pages.  

If a Page still shows as Pending after publishing, check your Publishing Reports and see if there are errors when publishing the page - if the status is Failed, or Completed With Failures, see if there is a helpful error message.  If the Page takes a minute or two to publish, it might take time to update in CM1.

If this information is not helpful you can submit a ticket and send your server.log:

CM1 version up to 4.5:
CM1 version 5.1 and after:

This might have more details about a publishing failure.


Keith, I found what was causing the issue as well as a resolution to my problem.

A user had ‘uploaded’ 3 images to the uploads folder and linked them in his page. I created a temporary folder and moved the 3 images he was using into that folder and then moved the temp folder to the right location, moved the images out of that folder into the correct directory and deleted the temp folder.

Apparently this is not the first time we have encountered this issue where someone uses the asset upload for an asset and then when they link to it in their page it will not let the asset or the page be published to live. I ended up previewing the page, viewing the source and doing a find for uploads, then correcting the url’s for those 3 images after moving them.

I’m not sure that this is the same issue Lloyd or Matt are having, but maybe this will help someone else or at least be marked as a ‘bug’ and get looked into.

The publishing report gave no helpful information.

Hello Scott,

Thank you for these steps - I will test these and see if I can reproduce the same issue.



Hi LLoyd,

Are these shared Rich Text or HTML Assets on the Template?  If you are still having the issue on the current version, please create a support ticket and the team will work to track down the problem. 


Hi Nate.

Header is shared HTML widget and footer is shared RTE. I’m off to a support ticket.

Thank you,