ARIA roles required

Currently, there is no way for me to implement ARIA landmark roles (banner, main, etc.) in Percussion by default. You can in HTML widget (sort of) in some certain areas but not in Percussion Navigation widget and such. 

I think it will be best to add ARIA roles in Percussion’s Navigation widget (screenshot attached) and also in Regions Properties too (again, screenshot attached) especially for role=“main” (super important). Please make it happen in Region (in template level).

Who does it benefit?  Screen reader users. Landmarks provide method for screen readers to navigate to the large structural regions of a site.

Assign landmark roles to the main content areas of your site. All content on your site must be wrapped in at least one landmark role; any content not wrapped in a landmark role is ‘orphaned’, and may not be found by screen reader users.

Appropriate usage of roles:

  • role="banner"  == header
  • role="main"  == main content
  • role="complementary"  = sidebars
  • role="contentinfo"  = footer
  • role="search"  = search form
  • role="navigation"  = navigation menus

If a particular role appears more than once on a page, you should provide an ARIA label for that role:

\<nav role="navigation" aria-label="Main Menu"\> \<nav role="navigation" aria-label="Footer Links"\>

It’s impossible to specify how many landmarks any page should have, but keep in mind that too many landmarks can create confusion for users who need to remember what information is in a landmark section. If you have more than 10, you may need to remove or consolidate regions.

Region Properties (located in Editing Template > Layout > …)

Navigation Widget Properties (located in Editing Template > Layout > …)