Are archived pages still supposed to show up in the navigation widgets?

I used “Remove from Site” on a page we needed to take down temporarily. This removed the file from the site, as expected and it put the page into “Archive” state, as expected, but the title of the page still shows up in Navigation widgets on other pages.

I would imagine that “Archived” pages or pages in “Draft” mode would not show up in the Navigation widgets. Is this just me?

Hi Conan,

Actually, yes. Because a navigation level in CM1 corresponds to a folder as well as a section landing page, archiving one of those section landing pages and republishing your site will make links to that particular page inactive (linking to “#”), but the nav folder itself – and all nav sub-folders – will still appear in your published navigation tree.

If you want to hide a full navigation folder temporarily, one way to do this would be to give the navigation section a class name through the Navigation section of CM1, and then temporarily add a rule such as this to your CSS:

display: none;   
} ```

Gotcha. Thanks for the Reply.