Archived Pages Going Live, Causing Errors

We’ve marked a number of sections in Percussion as archive only so that they would exist in the back-end but never on the live site. We’ve given them the status of “Archive,” made sure navigationally that they were hidden, etc. 

Somewhere along the line these pages have published. They didn’t show up in the navigation, but our Google Search was picking them up. We’ve disabled them there, but would now like to set these pages back to archive and unpublish them.

When we click on one of these pages, an error pops up. I’ve attached a screenshot of that error, both within Percussion and when a preview of the page is displayed.

What’s the best way to unpublish these pages to an archived state en mass? There are a bunch of these sections. Would it be to work around this error and set them to archive again?

Please let us know. Thanks!

Thank you Matthew for your post - we are sorry for this issue we will open a support ticket here at Percussion.