Approval of Pages & Assets Feature Discussion

Hi All,

We have a large number of Ideas and feature requests surrounding the streamlining of the Asset and Page approval process.  We are working on an update in this area and I wanted to talk about the approach that we are looking at taking to get some feedback from the Community. 

Proposed Feature Changes

  1. Make the default option in the Bulk Upload gadget to approve Assets on upload. 

  2. Add a new option to Incremental publishing that will add an additional dialog listing all Assets and Pages on the system related to the selected Site, not currently in a Pending or Live state, with all items in the list selected by default.  Unselecting items from this list will exclude them from the Publish, otherwise, clicking “Publish” will Auto-Approve and include the selected items in the incremental Publishing.

  3. When Publishing a single Page, first Approve the Page and related assets displaying a warning if any linked Pages are not Approved. Currently, Approvals only happen to related assets when the Approve button is clicked.  

We are looking for feedback on this approach and to uncover any use cases where these changes could be further optimized to improve your current Approval process.

Any feedback appreciated!