Analytics Gadget Unable to retrieve analytics data. Bad Request

I’m trying to use the traffic gadget and I’m receiving this message “Unable to retrieve analytics data. Bad Request.” My google set up is able to connect successfully. Any ideas what the issue might be?

Hi Brian,

Have you had any issues with the Traffic gadget previously, or is this the first time you’ve set it up? If you log directly in to the Google Analytics site, is your site’s traffic data appearing as expected?

Direct access to analytics appears to be working properly. This is the first time I’ve tried using the reporting gadgets.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for checking that for me. In that case, most likely this is being caused by an error (formatting, typo, etc.) with the Google API Key that you have inputted into the text field next to the “Select Google Analytics Profile” drop-down box through the Google Setup gadget. As a test, try removing all content from this API key text field, save changes, and attempt to use the Traffic gadget again. Let me know if you are able to retrieve traffic data after making this change.