Allow non-admin users to update navigation sections

We urgently need the ability for non-admin roles to manage “navigation” (write access to create/edit child navigation sections) without granting “user” admin access. In addition, the option for newly created navigation sections to inherit the permissions of the parent would be extremely helpful.

This is currently a feature in our deployed CM-System that was integral in our implementation, so we assumed it was in CM-1 as well. We were very concerned to learn it was not, as this now places a huge burden on our IT-WCMS staff to manage all of our end-user’s site navigation changes.



Can anyone from Percussion please provide any info on the possibility of this being implemented in the near future?

The more sites we migrate to CM-1, the more desperately we require this feature. At some point, without it, CM-1 may no longer remain a viable solution for us.


Hi Slee,

In CM1 3.1, we will be including a new Designer role, which is essentially an Admin role but without the ability to edit users or workflow permissions, or delete or copy a site. They would still be able to edit the site’s navigation structure, trigger full site publishes, and edit templates. Would this be helpful at all in your case, or are you looking for a role that can specifically only access the Navigation structure, and not the Publish or Design section of CM1?

Thanks NathanielW for your reply!

In our case, we are specifically looking for a role that would only add the ability to edit Navigation structure. However, the new Designer role sounds like a step in the right direction, and we’ll desperately take anything we can get in the next update. :slight_smile:

Are there also any plans to have navigation permissions inherit from the parent and/or propagate to sub-navigation? Currently, this is an enormous manual process of us when permissions are modified to sub-sections of a site.

Thanks again.

Hi Slee,

Are you referring to workflow permissions, or the permissions assigned through the Folder Properties in the finder? Because permissions configured through custom workflows do propagate automatically to sub-folders, and are certainly recommended in cases where this is the desired behavior (whereas plain Folder permissions are only useful in the cases where you’re only working with a single folder, and a full workflow setup might be impractical).


Will the new Designer role in 3.1 also allow the users to run the Publish process? We have only one site but decentralized the contribution part to all departments. I worry that more than one user in this role may run the publish process at the same time will slow down the overall server performance.
I think slee was referring to assigning user permissions under the navigation tree (not the site tree under the Finder).
We currently set up one workflow, contributor role and editor role (not the built-in contributor and editor roles) for each department. Then we assign the two roles of one department to the workflow for the same department. Without setting permissions on each item under the navigation tree, the users were not able to edit the page and got permission denied error message. Did I miss any steps here?
Please advise.



Can we set the permissions for the new Designer role users to a specific part of the navigation site tree? Since every department will have their own designer role user, we really would like to tight the permissions for nav tree add/remove features within that department area. If any user in the designer role can update the whole site tree including other department or even the root site, then that will be a problem. For example, if the designer is supposed to remove part of the site tree under their own department but, by accident, removing the part of the site tree with the same name under another department. No one knows until several months later. Is there any way to get the removed nva tree back? Is there any way to find out who did it and when?



Hi Tak,

Yes, the Designer role will be able to trigger full site publishes. Again, this role is essentially an Admin with a few key privileges removed (as outlined above), so you won’t be able to set specific permissions for users of the Designer role (in the same way you cannot do this for Admin users). You will want to be very thoughtful when entrusting a user with Designer permissions, as they will be able to edit your publishing settings and modify your templates.

If you’re setting user permissions through the Navigation section of CM1 rather the Workflow section, then this is essentially the same as setting folder permissions through the Finder. These types of permissions really are only useful in cases where you’re working with a single folder (navigation folder or plain folder) with no sub-folders. If you’re looking to set permissions recursively throughout an entire folder structure, you will definitely want to setup a custom workflow to handle this.

Take a look at some of the Workflow articles on out help site, all of which can be accessed through the left nav on this root article:

If you have any further questions about setting up workflows, please feel free to start a new topic.

Version 3.1 includes a new Designer role, which is essentially an Admin role but without the ability to edit users, roles or workflow permissions, or create, delete, or copy a site. They would still be able to edit the site’s navigation structure, trigger full site publishes, and edit templates.

Hi Nathaniel and Dan,

Thanks for your replies. We did review the Designer role in the 3.1 update.

Unfortunately, our needs require separate roles for managing Navigation and Templates. (Also, without the ability to do full site publishes.) Ideally, for us, we would like our Editors to manage navigation, however, an additional role for only Navigation management would also work just fine.

Are there any immediate considerations to offer this type of flexibility?

We are currently using CM1 to manager a rather large number of users and departments/sub-departments that desperately require this.

Thanks again,

We don’t have any immediate plans to provide this level of granularity for additional roles. In the short term, my suggestion would be to have those different departments to each identify a trusted administrator who can update navigation and templates, but who can be trusted not to modify publishing or change other department’s content. As more customers need this capability we can prioritize it accordingly.

Hi I am using version 4.2.4 and I can’t find where to assign the designer role? I have looked under users, under roles, under the Workflows tabs and I can’t see designer listed anywhere so how do I assign this role to a user?

Also I am assuming because they are basically an admin it means they can edit any page in the site right?

I agree it would be nice to just allow certain users to access certain parts of the navigation tree window as it pertains to their assigned workflow folders, but I’ll use it for now. (better then a full admin)

If you can please point me to some instructions on how to asign this role that would be great!