Admin/Scheduled tasks will won't save


I am trying to use the Admin/Scheduled Task function in Content Explorer, Rhythmyx v 6.7.

When I try and create copy or modify a scheduled task the majority of time it does not allow me to save. On a rare occasion it does.

Anyone else having these problems?

Title should read ‘Will not save’!


When the save fails, do you see any message in the server terminal window? The file console.log preserves the output to this window, so you can check it as an alternative. Also check server.log for errors.



What is the server terminal window? I can’t see anything in the console.log or server.log relating to this. I can sometimes save minor changes such as just changing the name but it will not allow me to update more than one parameter at a time in the ‘Cron Specification’ field. Also, I cannot set the year parameter to 2010.

We seem to have fixed this now, CRON spec was incorrect but there was no warning to let us know this.