Admin Area - Ability for people to not even view pages

I’ve currently have a situation where it would be really nice to have a setting or user role where other users can’t see the contents of a folder that they don’t have access to.

I would love to take advantage of the “auto publish” but I can’t because no one can see this information before a certain date and time.

With the current setup they can browse to the folder’s and see all of the information before it is made public. Right now I’m having to login during my time off to write the content, upload the documents/images, and then publish the page.

Really hope the finder get’s an overhaul soon so users can only see the data that they have rights too.

Hi Matt,

That’s definitely a suggestion we’ve heard before: I don’t know if it is planned for a future release or what form it might take but I’ll look into it. If anyone else thinks this would benefit them, please ‘Like’ or comment as we give more weight to the most popular ideas.