Adding social for blog post (and blog list, too)

Blog List and Blog Post widgets are awesome. Although it’s somewhat limited as I cannot “modify” their code structures.

I would love to add FB and Twitter buttons underneath each post in Blog List. I am able to do it in Blog Post though by using HTML widget.

Here is the screenshot of what I’m looking for:

I was hoping in the next CM1 update where it would be incredibly easy to add html code in Blog List widget…

Hope I make sense.


Good idea sir… What code/plugin were you using to populate the blog post widget? If you could share with me a URL demonstrating this I would be interested in taking a look.

Instead of modifying the underlying structure of the blog listing widget, couldn’t we use jQuery or JS for that matter and populate the DOM foreach

  • in the listing?

Thank you for replying back to me.

Nice photo btw! lol

Regarding URL - instead of being on /index - I just applied on each post. You can see it end of the post message:

Thanks man!

Just looking at this, you might need to dig into the social sharing buttons a bit more, but here is how I would approach it.

Embed your JS code for the social sharing buttons in an html widget somewhere (to get all their dependicies). Then at the body close in the metadata of the page, you could embed something like this:

$(".perc-blog-list li").append(’

code for social sharing buttons only

If you are still struggling with it, feel free to pass along the site you used to get the social media buttons, and I can a deeper look at it.