add links to the banner

Does anyone know how can I add add links to the banner next to the Help just under the Rx logo? Or where can I look in documantation?

I’ve only customized the banner image myself, but you should find some direction in this thread. What I learned: be very careful, the menu itself isn’t customizable, Content Explorer Help is. Some relevant files might be located in /Rhythmyx/sys_cx.

I have looked at the thread you have suggested before posting my question and as I understand this is for modifing Help and I just want to add a link that would open another window with some customized infomration. But thanks I will look at the resources.

Where would you put your link? Are you trying to replace or move Content or View or Site Explorer? Or would you put it above that? I don’t see any room to the right of Help, unless you want to move Content Path to the right. But as I understand it, none of that is customizable.

I have looked at the pdf document and it seems that is the only way to add additional HTLM pages to existing help. Can I add additionl menu item to Help right click?