Add a new theme to Percussion CM1

In the instructions we have, it says 'To add a new theme to Percussion CM1, copy the theme directory to the directory /web_resources/themes/. Our installed file structure does not match that. Our themes folder is located: /web_resources/cm/themes. [Our version is 2.7.0.] Is this what I use?

Hi Lloyd,

The help doc is correct, “{cm1_root}\web_resources\themes\” is where you will want to create your themes folders (you will need to create your site’s theme folder manually). Note that if your site’s theme folder does not contain at least a CSS file at its root (e.g. “{cm1_root}\web_resources\themes\MySite\style.css”), the theme will not appear under the “Select Theme” tab in CM1. The folder structure you mentioned, “/web_resources/cm/themes”, is for system theme files and should be left untouched.

Please let me know if you need any additional guidance with this.


Thank you for your answer and quick response.