ActiveX - can Percussion content explorer run without it?

We are in the process of upgrading users to Windows 7 environment. I am in the process of installing and testing software and applications I use and in terms of Percussion I have run in to a few issues that prevent me from using the program. I am using internet explorer 8 and when I log in to the content explorer the first warning I encounter is to run the ActiveX control. The only problem is that I cannot run ActiveX because the feature to install is disabled and I am unable to go in to internet options to change this. I have gone to my office of information technology about this issue and they are not willing to unlock security setting for users. I have been advised to contact the vendor for this product to see what security and other options that need to be enabled, disabled, or prompted so that Percussion can be used. If I am able to obtain a list of settings, I can provide them to OIT and they can enable them for IE users.

Is there any way to get this to run without ActiveX controls?

ActiveX shouldn’t be required to use Content Explorer. You will need Java installed on your machine in order to use the Content Explorer. You may want to file a ticket to support to get an exact answer to your question.