Active Assembly not showing global template slots

I have a global template that includes an output of a slot:
This slot is then added to the list of slots available for those page templates requiring it and the page template uses the global template above.

The slot is available in the active assembly table editor for those content items using the relevant template and it previews ok. When displaying the content in active assembly however the slot is not displayed as an active assembly item and cannot be modified.

If I place the #slot_simple(“SlotName”) in the template source it is displayed as an active assembly item and can be modified.

Should the global templates slot be rendered in active assembly without having to put the #slot_simple(“SlotName”) code in the template source?

AA markup is only applied to local templates, not global templates. Therefore, you can never edit a slot appearing in a global template in AA.

Are you sure about that? We can definitely edit our global template slots in AA (Rx 5.7 though not 6.x).

Yes, this was a change in behavior w/ v6.

Hi Paul

What was the reasoning behind this? On quite a few of our projects we have slots that appear in the global template. If we have to move them into the local template then it negates the need for the global template.


A bit of clarification… you can always have items where related content slots are present in the global template. What you cannot do is “activate” those slots in “WYSIWYG” mode.

I can’t answer questions about why this was included or not included (I wasn’t directly involved in the development of that feature), so I’ll leave that for Paul or somebody else to answer. I am sure it had something to do with implementation issues, trading time to market for completeness of features, etc.

You can, of course, produce templates where these same slots are in the local template and use these templates solely for editing. You can also use the “Active Assembly Table Editor” to add content to these slots. Yes, these interfaces are more complex than the simple WYSIWYG mode.

We are experiencing the same problem. Most of our slots are in the right-hand column of our site pages. We use global templates, but not for all pages so we store the right-hand column macro in rx_assembly.vm and then call it in the global/page templates.

Do this mean, when we upgrade to 6.5, we will not be able to take full advantage of the new AA interface?

Thanks and regards


There is no change in behavior from 6.0 to 6.5.x, the change occurred between 5.x and 6.0.
The reason for the change was because most of our customers requested that non-admin users not be allowed to modify the nav structure.
Admin users can change global template slot content using the table editor.
This is only a change in the UI, it does not affect what you can do and how you do it, only what UI screen you use to do it.


Sorry, but can I just confirm.

If our slots are included in a global template then our slots will not be editable by our website contributors through the new Active Assembly interface in 6.5 unless they are admin users?



Not quite. Global template slots cannot be edited using the 6.5 AA interface by anyone as that interface doesn’t allow it. The Relationship table editor must be used to edit slots in a global template. Access to this menu item can be controlled to allow just admins, or all users to have access.