Ability to view pages and assets by "modified date" or "file name"

It would be helpful to have the ability to view the lists of pages and assets by modified date OR by file name. The majority of the time I am working on a handful of files that I frequently go back to and it takes extra time to always have to scroll down and find my file.

I would also like to have the option to view the modifed dates and status for all pages and assets, in the right hand columns. Perhaps this could be an optional setting.

For pages, you can use the Pages by Status gadget on the Dashboard to sort by modified date. You can also sort by Name. For pages, I would also recommend using the My Pages feature introduced in 3.1. You can “bookmark” pages that you work on frequently and then get to a list of them in the Finder.

Unfortunately, we don’t have these capabilities for assets at this time, but we are looking at an Assets by Status gadget and extending the bookmarking feature in future releases.

Thanks for the recommendations for the page status. Being able to view the files by DATE in the Finder is still important to me and I’d appreciate you considering that for a future release.

If you click on the Search icon on the far left of the Finder, it will return a list of all files and assets in a given site. You can then sort by Modified Date. this will show both files and assets. Does this achieve what you are looking for?

This gets very close and I can definitely work with it. Thanks for pointing it out, Dan

Assets by status was implemented, as well as the Home Screen which gives you access to frequently edited pages.

Hi all,

I would like to add to this idea:

It would be nice to have a way to save and display results filtered by the date they were modified, the title, workflow, etc. The ‘list view’ feature is a nice way to organize and filter content, but it would be great to have a feature that saves these filters.  For example, if there was a blog populated with content within directories based on year -> month -> day, then it would be helpful to filter any of those respective directories based on the last modified date and other filters.  I understand that this is possible within the List View, but having a way to save these filters so that those filters load every time the CMS is opened would be helpful.  

Are there other users that would benefit from this feature?