Abilility to publish to UNC path

I’d like to publish (for testing) to a UNC path shared folder. It lets me enter the shared path, but the Published Server settings seem to change it to a local path after saving.

I thought to get around this for now, I would be able to create a symbolic link shortcut to the UNC path on the CM1 Server, and set the published server settings for folder location to it. So in reality it actually puts the files into the UNC shared folder.

However, can’t get this to work as it’s saying Unable to create directory in that location…I’d image maybe it’s a security issue, but what user account does publishing use?

I’d rather be able to directly put in the UNC shared folder path into the folder location box for the Publish Server Properties.


You made a great point, and I was able to recreate this internally, and have filed it as bug.

The way around this would be to create a networked drive (that would point to that shared folder on the remote server). Then log into Percussion, and set publishing to publish to that new drive letter. This should allow you to have the content populated in the correct place.

Let me know if you have any questions,


Tried that already, didn’t work. kept saying cannot create the directory, so either the server itself could not see the network mapped drive as it only probably exists for my logged in remote session (under my username) or it’s a security issue…

With regards to the networked folder, outside of Percussion are you able to add/remove/edit content to this folder?

If so you could try editing the Service Percussion is running under. In the server Percussion is installed into, go to Services, and edit the user it runs under since I believe by default it may run under the local user in the system.

Let us know if it is still presenting difficulties, and I will open a support ticket for you.


Hi Chris and Paul!

Did this solution resolve the issue with publishing using UNC to a remote server?

I plan to use the solution for publishing in our production environment and was just curious to see if there was a better alternative.

Please let me know.