404s being issued after 3.4 upgrade

Our web servers are issuing a number of 404 errors today. Two things occurred this week:
We upgraded to 3.4 on 2-12
We uploaded an updated web config file to our web server on evening 2-13 to create ~20 redirects to pages that have been archived
Snap shots of 404s generated:
And at least 20 additoinal URLs like this.

We don’t see anything wrong NOR do we have any problems in Application.

Can you point us in a direction to troubleshoot?

Hi Molly,

I created a support ticket already for this issue. Our support team is taking a look into this. Thanks for your patience!

Is it possible that someone has a bad bookmarklet or something to the CM1 server? Those images and paths are only used in the CM1 page editor.