CM1   Ideas and Feature Requests

New Category Widget property (1)
Update Template Creation (1)
Choosing template (2)
Multiple DTS servers (1)
Multiple Navigation Support (1)
Page Auto-list 'Arrange by' option or most recently published first (5)
Dashboard alerts or messages (1)
Form widget suggestions/ideas (1)
Multi-select Items (1)
Duplicating instead of "add field" for widget builder (1)
Please update Written Tutorials for Global Var (1)
Disable form autocomplete (1)
Ability to only see pages/assets that you have write/edit access to in the Finder (4)
Global Header Information (1)
Tables in Rich Text Widget (1)
Widget Builder - Allow user to add items (2)
It would be nice if in the status area of a file we could see if there is a scheduled removal date (1)
Latest Form on 4.1.4 (1)
Events Calendar (1)
Allow Tab Indexing to save and cancel buttons when creating pages and assets (1)
Image Autolist suggestion (1)
Restrict Form Viewing/Clearing Access via the Forms Gadget (1)
Password Protect Individual Pages (1)
Away to group notifications into daily per person or page? (1)
Defaulting ALT text value for Image widget (1)
Adding Extensions to Pages by Default (1)
Scheduled publishing should have the option of choosing destination server (1)
Status of pages after approval in CM1 (1)
Navigation Widget limitations (1)
Update the CM1 service so that it detects when the database has gone down and stop the service instead of hanging and taking UI requests (1)